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Some Dubai Massage Technique For You

In Dubai, people love Massage much more than anytime before. At home, you can also do it by yourself, now, let me tell you some massage technique. Massage is one of the modern traditional medicine health preservation methods, more and more people like to massage the foot massage shop to alleviate fatigue guarantee health. Today I introduce to you a few simple massage technique, let you don't have to spend money at home can preserve one's health care. The principle of foot massage: by stimulating to curative effect.

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Dubai Massage Full Body

Special structure due to the human body, all organs are nervous connected to the foot, the peripheral nerve blocks, is the so-called reflection area. Clinical experiments have proved that man's feet merger is the epitome of the three-dimensional distribution of human organs and tissues.

When abnormal organs or glands in the body, the foot reflection zone will have become (spot) crystal deposition, each pain points touch response is different, some like sand, some particles, some only a sensation of swelling. When the stimulus, nature also can accelerate eliminate the toxin deposition in tissue around and waste, thereby achieving cure effect.

Methods 1. Tap on a foot Every night before going to bed with his fists on the foot, can eliminate the fatigue of the day, promote blood circulation, is that the increase of the internal detoxification function make su orted the excretion function of blood vessels in the body, to speed up the fat burn. Practice: on foot, rhythmic, with a slight pain degree, 100 times or so per foot, moving about 2 minutes. Methods 2. My feet to shake The whole body blood circulation, and visceral dysfunction occurs and the phenomenon of the endocrine disorders, there will be a fitness toxin is not ruled out in time, cause fat metabolism too slowly, obesity. Simple foot local stimulation can promote the blood circulation, speed up the metabolism. Practice: lie on your back on the bed or on the floor, let your feet in the air shaking, then rotate like step bicycle make feet. Lasts 2 minutes, the entire province immediately blood circulation unobstructed, burn fat, and helps to improve sleep. Methods 3. Walking barefoot The biggest advantages of this method makes the palm to get the opportunity to exercise, the palm is the important part of the balance of massage, walk as far as possible let the palm stimulated, try to walk the pebble road, or in the home to prepare a piece of mat with round bumps. Practice: let the finger separatist movement is one of the great strengths walking barefoot, in order to lose weight and physical health, in the home as far as possible let feet liberated from shoes and socks, walking barefoot. Stick to 2 minutes. Method 4. Massage toes Not only thin body massage toes, and enhance the effect of memory. Practice: you can catch your feet with both hands of the big toe, make circular massage, massage several times a day, each time for 2 minutes, hand make circular motion can also be used to rub the little toe lateral, because memory is related to the cerebellum, the little toe is a reflection of the cerebellum area, so the little toe massage helps to enhance memory. Massage for 2 minutes. Methods 5. Rub your feet Make feet closed rubbing against each other, make blood circulation unobstructed, to feel warm, can strengthen the body in a short time detoxification fat burning effect. Practice: lie on your back on the bed or on the floor, lift the foot rubbing against each other, if both hands simultaneously friction effect is better. As long as rub around 20 times, about 2 minutes. This method also helps to sleep.

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