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How to choose Thai massage and Japanese Massage?

When everyone is under pressure, the appropriate pressure can often be turned into motivation, but too much pressure will often lead to some negative emotions. When the pressure is too great, we should learn to decompress ourselves. In these gray days, don't be bored, it is very simple to adjust your mood! Mental stress is not a good thing. If you are always under stress, it will cause problems in your body or mind. So what is the embarrassment to relieve stress? I think that if you have a long vacation, a trip can help you relax, but if you are busy, a comfortable massage will give you the most relaxation.

In Dubai, a wide range of massage center have different massage items. The most common are Japanese massage and Thai massage. How to choose these two massages, what are the differences between them? I believe that after reading this article, you will have some understanding.

Thai massage

1. Thai Massage is a kind of massage popular in Thailand and all around world. It is derived from the traditional massage technique of Thailand. It is based on active joints, and its technique is simple and practical. It is one of the best health care techniques. It is dominated by active joints.

The Thai massage pays great attention to the back and waist stretching. The masseuse starts the massage from the toe to the top of the head to complete a set of movements Thai massage is a squat service, with alternating left and right hands, soft, uniform, moderate speed, and sequential. Thai massage has 4 main effects.

After bathing, the Thai-style health massage can quickly eliminate fatigue, restore physical fitness, enhance the elasticity and vitality of the joint ligament, restore normal joint activity, and promote the effects of body fluid circulation, health and disease prevention, and health and beauty.

2. Massage time: 60-120 minutes.

3. Main effects: Enhance body flexibility.

4. Auxiliary effect: relieve physical and mental fatigue, accelerate fat burning, regulate gastrointestinal dysfunction, and enhance immunity.

5. Massage details: no massage oil is needed for massage. The masseur starts to massage from the toes to the end of the head, where the back, waist and joints are the focus of the massage. The masseur uses two hands, two arms, two feet and the weight of the whole body to roll, stretch, and pull the user's body. Pain during the massage process, especially for the first time, may not be able to withstand the intensity of Thai massage, the masseuse will communicate with the experience and massage, and remind them to completely relax.

Amy comes from Thai, she is the best masseuse with pro Thai massage skill.

Full Body Massage in Dubai

1. Massage time: 60-90 minutes.

2. Historical sources: Folk rumors of Japanese massage originated in China, and were brought from China by Chinese businessmen during the exchanges of the former dynasty. Although this statement has not been clearly confirmed, Japanese medical experts also acknowledge that Japanese massage and Chinese massage techniques very similar.

3. Main effects: pain relief. Auxiliary effect: Improve skin tone, relieve muscle fatigue, improve immunity and prevent vascular aging.

4. Massage details: In order to avoid scratching the skin, the masseur often puts massage oil on the person before the massage. When using massage, use fingertips, palms or knees to operate. With these as support, use the body weight instead of the wrist force to press or rub vertically downwards without using swinging action. During the massage, the masseur will increase the intensity evenly and slowly, without increasing the force quickly and violently.

So, we can see that Thai massage and Japanese massage are good choice to relax your body and mind. If you want body side more, try the Thai massage and on the other hand, try the Japanese. If you want to know more about it, or get more tips or notes, just contact us for any questions you may have.

Thai Massage

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