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Get a Superb Thin Arm by a Massage in Dubai

In summer of Dubai, a lot of love beautiful ladies often worry their sturdy arm and feel troubled to wear sexy tight clothes. In fact, obesity is the most obvious parts of the arm. So you want to thin the arm. We must fully understand that thin arm is the fastest way to make you feel more beautiful than before. Which method can be the fastest thin arm? The following would teach you a set of thin arm massage method.

1. The massage lymphatic Lift the right hand, elbow bent and then press on the right hand with his left hand on his arm, exhale, one side on the drawing out of the five little red dot, continue to press for 30 seconds, and then in the other half massage. Good attention to efforts to control, cannot be too strongly.

2. Massage your armpit Lift the left hand, elbow bent and stomach with the right hand gently knead axillary and underarms meat, for 20 seconds, and then massage the other half.

3. The massage hand joints Elbow bend, the left hand up behind the head, and then press the left elbow with the right hand, palm, use a little massage to armpit position down the elbow. For 20 seconds, and massage the other side.

4. The massage little root Keep breathing evenly and then right arms straight, raise to slant to the left of the position, then lift the left hand, left hand fingers together open, his left palm on the right hand palm, massage little root, continue to massage for 15 seconds, and then massage the other side.

5. The massage arm out Elbow playing group, to raise the left arm to his chest position, on the arm and lower arm at right angles, left hand palm open, then lift the right hand and on his left arm, then knead gently with fingertips arm of the lateral muscles. Action for 20 seconds, and then massage the other side. 6. The massage arm outside the joints His right elbow bend the palms, in the position of the left abdomen, then the location of the left arm up to more than the chest, on the arm and lower arm at right angles, the left hand on the right arm of the lateral elbow, then massage the palm upward momentum. Last massage 20 seconds, and massage the other side.

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