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Get a Relax Massage after Sport in Dubai

In Dubai, if you ask a woman, what do you like most in your spare time, then the answer must be shopping, and if you ask a man, the answer must be sport. The favorite project for Dubai men is football. They are not only keen on football news in Dubai, but also like to play football on the court. However, due to Dubai's unique climate, high temperatures and strong sunshine, it is a test for every football enthusiast on the court. Therefore, the health care of the body is very important. Before and after exercise, the body needs to be treated, and massage is the best way.

Sports massage is to adjust and protect the athletes' good competitive state, to enhance and develop the athlete's potential physical fitness, and to achieve sports performance. In recent years, some practices at home and abroad have shown that its role and significance in creating excellent athletic performance has become increasingly important.

Linda is good at massage, she can relax your body after a football game.

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1. Pre-exercise massage

If you' the first time to get a massage, you can get some tips on massage here. Sports are generally divided into sports training and sports competitions. The massage performed before these activities is called pre-exercise massage. It can motivate the nerves, muscles, joints, internal organs and psychological emotions of the human body to adapt to the immediate and psychological burden of exercise, thereby preventing injury, improving physical strength and playing a positive role.

2. Pre-training massage

Massage before exercise training, to help athletes improve their ability to train their work; to help promote the development of physical fitness, to prevent disease, to promote the organs of the various systems of the human body to mobilize to adapt to the upcoming sports activities. In terms of specific operations, it must be based on the characteristics of the sports program and the individual characteristics of the athletes. Some sports that consume more energy, such as middle and long distance running, swimming, cycling, basketball, football, volleyball, etc., use massage to replace the preparatory activities that need to consume part of the energy, which provides more energy for the sport.

3. Pre-game massage

Massage before the sports competition, before the competition. Usually completed 15 to 30 minutes before the start of the race. Sometimes when the athlete is receiving the contest When you know the time, there is a pre-match state. Some people will have bad conditions and need medical treatment. That is to say, it is necessary to massage a few days before the competition. For example, before the competition, the athletes were too nervous, and it was not easy to fall asleep at night or sleep after sleep, or nightmares, which affected the athlete's sleep and rest.

Because of the nightless sleep, there are symptoms such as lack of energy, irritability, and poor appetite. This will affect the athletes' good competitive state when they participate in the competition. When this happens, you should have a calming and restful massage. If the time of insomnia is longer, the athletes with more severe symptoms should use the massage method, but also massage the gas-rushing points, sputum, sputum, and sputum. For all these stimuli, don't use too much force to have a slight soreness. It usually takes 20 minutes or more.

Before the game, the athletes were over-excited before the start of the game, restless, emotional, pulse increased, breathing urged, and even polyuria, the accuracy and coordination of the action were also adversely affected, the result is hindering the level of sports technology Full play.

4. After exercise massage

After intense sports training or competition, athletes' nerves, body fluids, circulation, respiration, digestion, metabolism and acid-base balance will undergo tremendous changes. These changes temporarily disrupt the balance of the internal environment. But it quickly reached a new balance, and this new balance usually marked the improvement of the working ability of the body.

However, in the process of achieving balance in the internal functional systems, there are sometimes slow links, which are generally characterized by excessive mental stress, insomnia, muscle tension, and fatigue. Massage after exercise can promote the elimination of these phenomena, accelerate the internal environment to reach a new balance, accelerate the ability to increase the exercise load, and accelerate the preparation of the rear exercise load.

The techniques used in post-exercise massage, the size of the force, the length of time, etc., should be based on the athlete's physical fitness, gender, and the characteristics of the sports program, especially the requirements of the reaction after exercise (such as dizziness, vomiting, The limbs are weak, muscle tension, insomnia, etc.) to decide. It is necessary to follow the principle of individual treatment and not be uniform.

Full body massage after exercise: usually once a week. Take a rest after training for 1 to 2 hours or longer. It is best to do it in a warm, quiet room after a warm bath. The athlete lay comfortably on the bed, barely massaged parts, in the order of chest, abdomen, upper limbs, and lower limbs.

If you want to know more about it, or get more tips or notes, just contact us for any questions you may have.

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