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Dubai Massage Can Help You Relieve Migraines

Migraine is a relatively common headache disease, often manifested as symptoms such as headache, nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, sound, and smell, which brings great inconvenience to people's lives. Migraine is a relatively common phenomenon. The so-called migraine is a situation where one side of the head is painful and the other is not painful. to have serious repercussions. For migraine relief we can do some massages and if you have the time you can even have a full body massage in Dubai. The following is a detailed introduction about the causes of migraine headaches, massage relief and other issues.

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The causes of migraine

1. Genetic factors: Studies have found that migraine is related to genetics, and about 50% of migraine patients have a family history.

2. Nervous factors: Migraine may be caused by abnormal function of nerve cells, which leads to abnormal reactions of vasoconstriction and dilation, and finally leads to headache.

3. Environmental factors: Environmental factors such as fatigue, mental stress, climate change, and sound and light stimulation may all cause migraine.

Massage to relieve migraine

1. Neck massage: On the side of the headache, find the position of a neck muscle and massage gently, which can help relieve the tension of the neck muscles. At the same time, doing this massage will also release your fatigue.

2. Temple massage: On the side of the headache, find the position of the temple, and gently rub it with the index finger and middle finger to relieve the headache. You can just do this Duabi massage at Home easily.

3. Massage around the eyes: On the side of the headache, find the position of the muscles around the eyes, and gently rub with the index finger and middle finger to relieve fatigue and headache around the eyes.

4. Scalp massage: Gently massage the scalp with fingertips to promote blood circulation in the scalp and relieve headaches.

Other ways to relieve migraine

1. Moderate exercise: Moderate exercise can help relieve body tension and relieve migraines.

2. Regular life: Maintaining a regular work and rest time can help regulate the body's biological clock and prevent migraines.

3. Diet adjustment: eat less spicy, greasy, and irritating food, and eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, etc., which will help prevent and relieve migraine.

4. Drug treatment: If the headache is severe, you can consider using drugs to relieve symptoms. Some medications for migraines are ibuprofen, aspirin, etc.

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