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Dubai 4 Traditional Massage From The World

The massage is as old as it is: exclusive to ancient Greeks and ancient Roman nobles. It is the celebration ceremony for everyone in front of the Holy Temple in Hawaii. It is the highest ritual of ancient Thai entertainment for the royal family.

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Ful了Body Massage in Dubai

The massage is as fashionable as it is: it can be seen Dubai everywhere in hospitals, hotels, and fitness centers, and even provides only by a call reservations and on-site services. Not only is the secret of the health and beauty of Hollywood movie stars, but also the shortcut for you, me, and each of us to get healthy.

The massage is also practical: it can slim down, breast enlargement, and also help decompression, detoxification... No wonder people are tempted more and more. But now you need to temporarily put aside the temptation and think carefully about which massage genre you are suitable for. Just determining the genre is not enough, but also to master the massage details of this genre, in order to judge the massage service that will be pay for is not enough professional.

Now I will introduce 4 Traditional Massage from the world.

1. Traditional Chinese Massage

Chinese massage has a long history and is mainly used for health care and treatment. It is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine. Legend has it that the god doctor Hua Tuo was the inventor of the Warring States Period. After thousands of years of medical exploration, this massage method is now relatively perfect.

Massage time 60 to 90 minutes

Main function - helping chronic disease rehabilitation

Chinese massage varies from person to person and dialectically. By stimulating specific acupuncture points and meridians, it balances yin and yang, regulates qi and blood, and helps chronic diseases recover.

Other effects - enhance immunity, regulate mood, slim down

Massage detail:

Chinese massage methods are numerous, including pressing, smashing, vibrating, etc., in addition to using the fingertips, it is also commonly used in the knuckles, back of the hands, elbows and other parts. When massaging the back and limbs, the masseurs often use more force; when massaging the head and abdomen, they are not too hard. When massaging the abdomen, the masseur will also ask the experiencer to cooperate with the breath.

2. Traditional Japanese Massage

The Japanese massage was born in China and was brought to the East by Chinese businessmen during the exchanges. Although this statement has not been clearly confirmed, even Japanese medical experts have admitted that Japanese massage and Chinese massage are strikingly similar. However, the masseur's knees on the back of the experience are also very Japanese.

Massage time 60 to 90 minutes

Main effect - pain relief

When you have headaches, back pain, low back pain, menstrual pain, etc., it is very suitable to choose Japanese massage, which can directly inhibit sputum and relieve pain symptoms through muscle stretch reflex.

Other effects - improve skin tone, relieve muscle fatigue, improve human immunity, prevent vascular aging

Massage detail:

To avoid skin abrasions, masseurs usually apply massage oil to the experience before the massage. When using massage, use fingertips, palms or knees to operate. With these as support, use the body weight instead of the wrist force to press or rub vertically downwards without using swinging action. During the massage, the masseur will increase the intensity evenly and slowly, without intensifying the force quickly.

3. Traditional Thai Massage

Thai massage is the most intense of all kinds of massages. It was created by the Thai royal doctor Givako Kumar according to the massage method introduced into the ancient Indian west and the massage techniques of local Chinese immigrants. At that time, it was the highest for the royal aristocrats. etiquette. The technique is also engraved on the verandah of the Wat Pho Temple, which is known as the “Thai Massage Base”.

Massage time 60 to 120 minutes

Main function - enhance body flexibility

If you want to move your joints, soothe your muscles, enhance your body's flexibility, and don't want or don't have time to take the initiative, try a Thai massage. This kind of massage is actually a passive yoga applied to the experiencer. It uses a unique push-pull, swaying, etc., and acts on the muscle fascia and joints by pressing the foot, pressing the waist, and treading the ridge. High intensity exercise.

Other effects - relieve physical and mental fatigue, accelerate fat burning, regulate gastrointestinal function, enhance immunity

Massage detail:

No massage oil is required for massage. The masseur starts to massage from the toes to the end of the head, where the back, waist and joints are the focus of the massage. The masseur uses two hands, two arms, two feet and the weight of the whole body to roll, stretch and pull the body of the experiencer to stimulate the muscles and connective tissue. Pain during the massage process, especially for the first time, may not be able to withstand the big movement of Thai massage, the responsible masseur will communicate with the experience and massage, and remind him to completely relax the body, do not twist.

4. Traditional European massage

European-style massage originated from ancient Greece and ancient Rome, and was called "the movement of the nobility". At that time, the civilian population was forbidden to enjoy this kind of health care. After the industrial revolution, this method of massage began to flourish in European countries.

Massage detail:

The European massage technique is gentle, with push, press and touch as the mainstays. It is combined with a variety of aromatic oils to massage along the direction of the muscle fibers, the direction of lymphatic travel, and the direction of blood vessels, giving people a feeling of relaxation, nature and comfort.

Massage time 70 to 90 minutes

Main function - improve muscle nutrition metabolism

European massage can make muscle fibers passively move, promote muscle nutrient metabolism, relax the muscles being pulled, and improve muscle tolerance. Many athletes use this massage method to reduce muscle tension before the game and relieve muscle soreness after the game.

Other effects - improve myocardial oxygen supply, promote lymphatic circulation, prevent osteoporosis, improve constipation

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