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What can a massage pillow provide to you?

In Dubai, now days, the health products such as massage pillow and cushion for leaning on of full of beautiful things in eyes. Exactly what are the advantages of these products ?

What are first to introduce the effect of this Dubai Massage pillow :

1, Massage pillow is the integration of traditional meridian massage and principle of modern medicine massage, the latest successful development of health care products. There were six massage head, it has massage, hit two technique, ease tension and pressure of the body, make the sensation, more can promote the body's blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, prevention so as to achieve the effect of physical health.

2, Unique way of two groups of infrared tepid moxibustion, stimulative metabolism, enhance the blood circulation, alleviate neuralgia, eliminate muscle fatigue; Qi and blood, adjust the internal organs function, enhance human immunity; (also can choose another direction when using do not carry far infrared ray.

3, At the same time, its unique stepless speed regulation is not step number.

4, More automatic sensors are installed in machine, when the speed has reached the limit, if not satisfied with your body need to increase the strength, as long as the body in massage cushion, automatic sensor according to the pressure of your body and increase strength.

5, Can avoid overheating caused by burn machine. To a certain temperature machine will automatically stop protection. After cooling and be able to operate, can be aimed at shoulder, neck, back, waist, abdomen, leg, foot, foot massage.

6, Dredging meridian; Promote the circulation; Point massage, regulate endocrine; Improve digestion and absorption function; Improve sleep; Eliminate fatigue; Burning fat, etc.

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