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Massage - Your Best Option After Sports

In Dubai, people love sports more and more. After training at ordinary times, runners can accelerate recovery through sports massage, can make fatigue tight muscle recovery elasticity and ductility, avoid tissue adhesion, and prevent sports injury. After the tough marathon match, this way is also very useful.

Low thigh side before

Touch the shallow, muscle strength larger area can be distributed evenly in the palm of your hand.

Hands rubbing quadriceps.

Lift the quadriceps after shaking.Can also use the tap on a way to relax.

When crus side before

Crus of shallow pushing side before, because the muscle area a little force to focus on the thumb and escaping.

Hands rubbing.

Thumb rubbing, using a thumb for tight place to strengthen the massage.

When crus

Shallow pushing, the calf is sensitive so strength to take hold good so as not to cause the opposite effect.With rubbing his hands, go around gently pushed open the calf muscles. Finally, start at the end to knock.

Low back thigh

Way back thigh massage with nearly identical of the side before ham, strength can enhance some, time also to spin some.The main sequence sports massage

Shallow massage

Palm knead (thumb press) mainly large muscle group. Taps or shake shake. Deep massage

Note: in the process of sports massage can use massage oil (cream) as medium can make the massage effect is better.

Matters needing attention

1. The massage direction suggested that are far away from the heart at one end of the beginning, the body on the direction of the heart. In the thigh, for example, from knee to buttocks. 2. The power size by mild, shallow, slowly to the deep pressure. 3. The speed of fast and slow. 4. The last can match again stretch, the effect will be better.


In the process of massage to relax, absolutely do not think that the more pain the more effect, should do adjust according to each person's status, really is too pain or discomfort, you should put the strength loss, otherwise not only cannot achieve relaxation effect, it is easy to cause muscle with, serious point also can cause the phenomenon such as inflammation, do more harm than good.

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