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Do You Know Japanese Reiki Massage in Dubai?

Reiki massage in Dubai, is a healing technique originating in Japan that promotes simultaneous physical and spiritual healing. Reiki healing promotes stress reduction and relaxation and is administered by a reiki healer. The underlying idea of reiki healing is that a life force flows through every person, and this force can be strengthened, restored, and redirected by a careful use of the reiki practitioner’s hands.

Reiki is believed to work through an extremely specific process and connection between the reiki practitioner, the universal life force of energy, and the one receiving reiki treatment.

Reiki practitioners are taught to absorb energy from the universe and channel it into their patients to promote healing and well-being. Reiki practitioners also act as channels through which negative energy can be removed from patients’ bodies and replaced with positive energy.

A reiki massage treatment can be effective yet involve very little actual touching between the reiki practitioner and the patient. However, specific physical sensations may be experienced by the patient during a reiki treatment.

For example, when sites of severe and/or long-standing energy blockages are cleared by a skilled reiki practitioner, the patient may feel a slight but discernible and distinct “twinge” specific to that area, followed by a more generalized feeling of relaxation.

The word “reiki” is a combination of two Japanese words–”rei,” meaning God’s wisdom, and “ki,” meaning universal life force energy. Combined, these two words mean “spiritually guided universal life force energy.”

In reiki massage, a reiki practitioner, who has been attuned to life force energy by a reiki master, uses spiritual energy to promote equilibrium and heal a person’s aura (a personal, universal force believed to emanate from all people, animals, and objects that is even discernible by people with psychic sensitivity) through kneading, rubbing, touching, and simply laying on of hands on various body parts and areas to obtain spiritual healing.

Although belief in reiki energy is thousands of years old, the manipulation of this potent life force energy in a manner which is recognizable today did not evolve in Japan until the early days of the Twentieth Century.

Development of the modern reiki massage techniques practitioners use today is attributed to Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui in 1922.

Legends say that while Usui was undergoing a traditional 21-day Buddhist training course, he had a spiritual experience that revealed to him the knowledge and spiritual power needed to practice as well as attune others to practice what he called “reiki,” which initially entered his body through his Crown Chakra, a power center in everyone’s body located on top of the head. In 1922, Usui moved to Tokyo and founded the first modern reiki center that offered treatments and training.

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