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Enjoy a Green Tea Massage in Dubai

Everyone enjoys a good massage! But what about a massage that gives you twice the benefits of your normal massage? Green tea massages are one of the best kinds of herbal massages. This massage will detox your body, relax you, and give your skin a bountiful amount of minerals!

Find the perfect green tea.

Fill your massage. While filling your massage, drop 5-10 green tea bags while the water is running.

You will know your massage is ready when the massage turns slightly brownish because then it has released all the minerals into the water.

Hop into your massage and enjoy the relaxing feeling of an herbal massage!

Green tea is excellent for anti-aging, so taking a green tea massage, restores the moisture, and elasticity in your skin.

Make sure your massage is not too hot, otherwise it will burn you, and take away the moisture from your skin! Keep it warm. But make sure it is warm enough to get the effects of the tea.

For a more relaxing experience, you could add jasmine flowers into your massage to give you an aromatherapy session while your body relaxes. Also try to light some yummy scented candles, and turn on some relaxing music.

The residue at the end of your bath should be cleaned up right after your bath, since it tends to stick. In order to fully treat a patient, you need to be aware of any health complications and learn a little about his regular routines.

Massage the pressure points at the base of the skull. There are three main points to touch. Massage the pressure point at the center of the skull last.Apply pressure to the top of the head. Massage the scalp and other points on the head with your fingertips.

Using a head wrap requires a little knowledge of what works and practice to get it right but it won't take long before you'll feel confident about wrapping your head stylishly.

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