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Enjoy a Pressure Releasing Massage at School (2) - Massage in Dubai

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(6) Massage in the Right Positions. Go for shoulder and middle back massages as these are the easiest places to reach. Seating arrangements have their upper back facing towards you. This is also where the knots are found because of heavy backpacks.

(7) Massage in a Comforting Way. Place your hands on both shoulders and almost fold them as if they were cupping the shoulders. Gently start rubbing and massaging. This creates a releasing and soothing feeling in their shoulders and also creates a pleasant radiation. In-between, form your hands into fists, hold them up in the direction as if they could punch the sky, and use the end of the fist (the pinky ends not the thumb ends) to gently beat their backs. It creates a rhythmic and relaxing sensation in a reduced version of a massage chair.

(8) Be Relaxed Also. Your friends and classmates shouldn't be the only ones to receive massages. After you're done with giving massages, ask for one in return or simply ask the person behind you for one. Make sure that they are your friends though as you don't want to freak them out with random massages.


Have your classwork or notes in front so that you can multi-task of massaging and paying attention in class.

Stretch arms out before massaging so that your arms don't get cramps.

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Enjoy a Pressure Releasing Massage at School (2) - Massage in Dubai

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