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Replace Your Spa & Massage Equipment - Dubai Massage Full Service

A home spa can be a wonderful and relaxing experience, especially for those who suffer from everyday aches and pains, and also to aid in the recovery of many types of injuries. Whether your spa is part of your bathtub or you have an outside spa, you may have to perform some maintenance on it from time to time, such as replacing the spa jets. Depending on the type of jets you have and where your system is located, this can be an easy procedure with just a few standard tools.

For Outside and/or In-Ground Spas

1 Outside and/or In-Ground Spas

2 Pry open the access panels with a flat-head screwdriver or paint spatula.

3 Locate the hoses and disconnect the ones that are attached to the jet you want to replace.

4 Remove the inside retaining ring from the old jet.

5 Remove the jet collar and the rest of the assembly.

6 Install a new gasket to replace the one removed on either the inside or outside wall of your spa (if on the outside, ensure that the surface is smooth for a good seal).

7 Apply some silicone to the grooves in the wall fitting.

8 Insert the fitting into your spa-jet hole.

9 Tighten the fitting into the jet and gasket (you need only to "hand tighten").

10 Reconnect the hoses to the outside of the assembly.

11 Let the water run for about 15 minutes to clear out any debris.

12 Drain the water.

13 Place the adjustment handle for your jet into the wall fitting with the ribs aligned.

14 Press firmly and secure the handle by snapping the clips into place.

15 Insert the jet eyeball and cage into the handle and snap into place.

16 Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the particular spa jet that you purchased for installing the rest of the various parts in the correct order.

17 Run the water again to clear any debris and check for leaks, the correct jet pressure and to ensure the handle works properly.


If removing and replacing the entire jet assembly, be careful to not damage the inside of the spa surface when removing the collar. This would then require resurfacing the inside of your spa.

Be sure to take the necessary safety precautions when working around water and electricity and wear protective clothing such as safety glasses and gloves to avoid injury from sharp pieces of debris from your spa that may chip off when removing the old parts.

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Replace Your Spa & Massage Equipment - Dubai Massage Full Service

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