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Dubai Massage Full Service - More Details About Suki (6)

Suki's favourite dish is as same as most Japanese. This traditional food is also popular in Dubai, do you know it? Yes, of course it's the Sushi (鮨). This food are sold in all the big mall or supermarket such as Carrefour, Dubai Mall and many other places.

The main material of Sushi is the rice which mixed with vinegar, and like other Japanese dishes, the color of Sushi is very bright. During the production, the fresh yellow sea urchin, abalone, peony shrimp, scallops, salmon roe, cod milt, tuna, salmon and other seafood on sliced white Cephalostachyum of rice, and then cast a rub after pinch-green mustard sauce, and finally into the antique porcelain dish.

The tradition of eating sashimi is almost unique to Japan, other Asian countries such as North Korea, South Korea, China, India, do not have this habit. However, this tradition is also found in some indigenous island of Sumatra, the Maori tradition also eat raw fish, but not cut thin strips of raw fish shape.

Suki believes that the Sushi was invented by her contury. But there are still different opinions about the origins of sushi in ancient Southeast Asia, China's coastal areas have a similar production process and sushi food, but the shape is different. Japanese sushi with seaweed or nori roll the rice and raw fish, cucumbers, floss, focus mainly onions, accompanied by mustard, horseradish, soy sauce, vinegar. In China there is a use of coastal rice, egg, crispy, peanuts, vegetables, cooked shrimp balls made of cylindrical, called fried rice cake rice stick, wrapped with a layer of cooked dough, methods, and a bit like sushi, but the material and shape different.

Suki loves her Sushi, but also her country, Thanks to the international style of Dubai. She can get this tasty food as she wants!

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