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Ultimate Massage in Dubai - More Details About Linda (6)

Linda is a so traditional girl that she loves the Korean tradtional dishes - Kamameshi Bibimbap ( 가마 메시 비빔밥 ) most.

The Korean movies and drama makes Korean food more and more popular, in Korean cuisine, the Kamameshi Bibimbap are the people who love to eat Korean food have to order up. Kamameshi Bibimbap fragrant and delicious, the chefs use traditional stone pot cooked vegetables, rice egg and tasty sauce make a unique dish.

Bibimbap sauce is critical, the best selection of vegetables and tender sprouts, celery, carrot, mushroom, oil and black pepper.

Not only the tasty of the Kamameshi Bibimbap , but Linda also love the story of it.

The Korea Kamamesis such a peculiar thing. According to legend, Suzong years, South Korea has a history came Uigeumbu channel, accidentally discovered by the production of stone where grilled meat is very fragrant, he will this stone made of Kamameshi. Kamameshi then slowly spread to the folk, the best Korean restaurant became a container used.

Because the Kamameshi Bibimbap is always with high temprature, so in Dubai , not too much people loves it for the climate in Dubai is already so hot.

Linda believes this Korean food is good for her health and keep her slim.

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