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Give Your Lovely Woman a Foot Massage (3) - Dubai Massage Out-call Service

Part 3 of 3: Mastering other techniques

1 Apply the milking stroke. To do this, hold the foot in both hands and give ten short, strong pulls on one side and then the other. Imagine the pulling motion of milking a cow while doing this.

2 Use the Indian rub technique. Hold the side of the foot with both thumbs placed on the inside center of the arch. Move your hands back and forth as if you were wringing out a wet towel. Allow a lot of movement of the foot while applying this technique.

3 Try petrissage on the achilles tendon and lower foot. Petrissage is a type of massage that involves lifting and squeezing muscles to stimulate them.

Starting at the back of the heel and ankle around the achilles tendon, use one hand to gently squeeze and pull the foot. Start softly, but apply more pressure and speed the longer you do it.

Push the muscles starting at the achilles tendon and working towards the toes. Doing this will lift the muscles of the foot, helping to work out impurities.

Slowly work your way up to the lower calf using this technique. The muscles here attach to those in the foot, and using petrissage in this area can help to further relax the foot.

4 Massage the long muscle of the foot. The long muscle begins near the achilles tendon and ends at the knee, and is closely tied to muscle movements in the foot.

Have your partner straighten their leg vertically, and use your forearm to apply pressure downward into the foot. Slowly move your arm so as to use your elbow to apply more pressure into the foot.

With your partner laying down, grab their foot with one hand at the heel, with the foot running up your forearm. Push their whole foot towards the knee, applying light pressure at first and slowly adding more.

5 Perform ankle rotations. Hold the foot up, and use one hand to rotate the foot around the ankle. Move the foot in circles ten times in one direction, and then ten times in the opposite direction. The ankle joints may pop, but unless this causes the person any discomfort there is no need to stop.

6 Give a foot massage using an electric massager. Add the usual requirements (see manufacturer's instructions) and also put a little Epsom salts and spa oil in the foot massager's base. Leave feet in for 20 minutes. They should feel wonderfully rejuvenated; finish up with a friend or family member massaging your nicely cleaned feet.

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