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Teach You Massage Your Wife With 7 Ways - Dubai Best Massage

Massage is a useful tool that can soothe sore muscles, improve range of motion, and provide a calm and relaxed feeling to expectant moms. Professional prenatal massages are one option, however, they are often expensive and fitting an appointment into a busy schedule can be difficult. As her partner, you can learn simple steps for how to effectively massage your pregnant wife.

Method 1 of 7: Learn Correct Positioning For Massage

1 Learn about the floor technique, which is preferable to a mattress because it provides a firmer surface.

  • Position 2 pillows on the floor to resemble an arrow point and have your wife lie on her side with her armpit between the 2 pillows.

  • Allow the pillows to support her stomach and back.

  • Place a pillow or two under her head for support of the neck and for proper spine alignment.

  • Keeping the bottom leg straight, bend the top leg and place a pillow or two under it.

2 Learn about the kneeling technique, which provides support to her belly while relieving pressure.

  • Have your wife kneel by the bed with her shoulders supported by the bed.

  • Place a pillow or two under her knees for comfort and be sure her belly is free from pressure.

  • Always let your wife determine her comfort level.

Method 2 of 7: Learn Techniques For Massage

1 Relieve back pain by massaging your unclenched fist on either side of the spine.

  • Begin at the nape of your wife’s neck and continue gently massing down to the hips.

  • Then begin gently moving back up the neck on the opposite side of the spine.

  • Incorporate both sides of the spine into the massage technique while staying clear of the spine itself.

2 Assist in reducing strain on the buttocks by massaging a soft fist gently into the bone at the base of the spine.

  • Use your fist to gently press in and down, tiling the pelvis just slightly as you do so.

  • Avoid moving down far enough to involve touching the tailbone.

3 Alleviate tired legs by gently rubbing the outer part of your wife’s legs.

  • Use small circular motions and begin where the foot meets the calf.

  • Slowly work your way up to the thigh and finish where the thigh meets buttocks.

  • Always work from the foot up and avoid massaging the inner thigh to help relieve swelling in the legs.

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