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Massage For Your Overall Health- Dubai Massage Body to Body Service

Dubai Massage is widely practiced as a treatment for relaxation and a number of medical problems. Anyone from babies to the elderly can be helped by daily, weekly, monthly or occasional massage. If you have questions about whether massage would help your regular health routine, then explore some of the benefits beginning with a light massage.

There are over 80 types of massage, ranging from light to very deep tissue massage. You can find a masseuse at spas, chiropractic clinics, private practices and some medical offices. Read more to find out how to use massage for overall health.

1 Consult your doctor if you have any medical problems before starting massage treatment. Massage is seen as a complimentary therapy to both medicine and sports. You can arrange the frequency, practitioner and type of massage that will most likely be helpful to your condition.

Massage is not recommended for people suffering from burns, blood clots, some cancers, rheumatoid arthritis, fractures and other joint problems

2 Choose your type of massage. It differs greatly depending upon the type of benefit you would like to receive. Begin with the more gentle types of massage and move into deeper forms if they prove to be more beneficial.

Swedish massage is perhaps the most commonly known type of massage. It is used for relaxation with long gentle strokes and circular motions. Many couples or people find that they can become adept at self or partner massage with these techniques and use them as needed in the home.

3 Sports massage is a localized form of Swedish massage. The sports trainer usually targets the areas most affected by the sport, such as the legs and arms.

Deep tissue massages use kneading and other methods to pull deeply at the muscles and connective tissues. This is often used to break up scar tissue or help sports injuries to heal properly.

Trigger point therapy is a growing type of massage that is similar to acupressure. The therapist uses hand techniques and implements to release tight knots from overused muscles.

Ayurvedic massage is an Indian technique that focuses on developing a plan for treatment for the chakras, or energy points. This massage often includes hot oil used on the ears, face and other areas. It may also include detoxification routines and other medical treatment.

Biofeedback massage is used to help manage stress and change improper ways of moving the body. Light, guided imagery and deep breathing are used to break patterns. This is often used to treat mental as well as physical problems.

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Massage For Your Overall Health- Dubai Massage Body to Body Service

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