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Massage For Your Overall Health (2) - Dubai Massage Body to Body Service

Chair massage is not a specific type of massage, but it is often used instead of a table to open up the muscles in the shoulder, neck, and back. The therapist has better access to these points on the body as you lean forward and rest your arms and neck in a specially-designed chair.

Tui Na is a popular type of Chinese massage. It is used widely in China and is gaining popularity in the Western world. Practitioners of this type of massage claim to use over 300 types of manipulation to help the body. They can include gentle strokes, cupping (percussion), pressing, shaking and waving.

4 Use massage as preventative treatment. You do not need to have a specific problem to engage in regular massage for health benefits. Many types of massage are found to boost the immune system, calm anxiety, prevent stress, stop depression and more.

5 Begin massage treatment for back or neck pain. Ask for a doctor's recommendation for a back or neck massage specialist. Improper manipulation of the vertebrae can hurt, rather than help.

Several studies have shown that regular massage is more beneficial to back pain relief than placebos and acupuncture for chronic neck and back pain relief. Results were noticeable soon after the treatment, so regular treatment is recommended.

6 Develop a relationship with a massage therapist. After you have found what type of massage is most beneficial to your condition, and this may take some considerate amount of trial, you should return to the same physical therapist. Like a doctor, these masseuses keep charts on your pain, required therapy and results of treatment.

7 Report back to your masseuse about the benefits and pains you received from your previous massages. This can help you to cue in on the most beneficial treatments.

8 Find a massage interval that seems beneficial for you. Although a massage from time to time may be enough, many people find regular intervals of massage are good for preventative medicine, pain management and stress relief. You may need to go more often in the beginning and then make fewer appointments as your stress or pain subsides.

9 Take classes to learn self, couple or baby massage. Self-massage techniques can prove to be excellent stress relievers. A night course can teach you how to perform kneading, rolfing and trigger point therapy.

You can also rent videos that instruct you on how to do self-massage and baby massage. Acupressure and foot massage are especially beneficial for stress relief.

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Massage For Your Overall Health (2) - Dubai Massage Body to Body Service

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