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What should you pay attention to a neck massage in Dubai?

Nowadays, in Dubai, people are immersed in playing mobile phones every day, sitting in the office for a long time. So many people have problems in their necks, often sore, when moving their necks, and can hear the sound from neck. Spend 15 minutes a day, stick to a few small movements, reduce neck fatigue and make your body healthier. At the same time, the neck massage is not suitable for all the people and you also need to know some tips.

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1, people has high blood pressure blood/sugar/fat problem should not massage the neck

The neck is an important part of the human body. There are many nerves and blood vessels leading to the brain. One of the most important blood vessels is the internal carotid artery. Most of the blood needed for brain tissue is supplied by it. Many elderly people have atherosclerosis or calcification in this blood vessel in the neck due to vascular disease such as hypertension and hyperlipidemia.

2, neck spondylosis should be careful

Especially in the acute exacerbation of neck spondylosis, neck massage, will increase nerve root inflammation, edema, pain, and the condition deteriorates. Therefore, if you feel neck discomfort, do not advocate self-made massage, should go to the regular hospital for diagnosis, and then determine the treatment plan. Suitable for massage, massage treatment, should also be carried out in professional medical institutions.

3, suffering from osteoporosis should not massage the neck

Most of the elderly have a certain degree of osteoporosis, and the bones become brittle. If the massage is too strong, it is prone to accidents. Therefore, the elderly should be careful to massage, and the time should not exceed half an hour.

Neck massage Tips

1. Massage therapy for neck spondylosis should choose appropriate massage techniques according to the condition. Improper manipulation may bring great harm. Especially for patients with neck spondylotic myelopathy, it is necessary to make a clear diagnosis before massage treatment, and to closely observe the massage response.

2, the amount of massage stimulation is suitable for people, not the bigger the better. Because most patients with neck spondylosis are middle-aged and elderly, their constitution is weak. In the manual treatment, attention should be paid to gender and age differences. If the male body is strong, the tolerance is strong, the technique should be slightly heavier, the female body is weak, the tolerance is poor, and the technique should be slightly lighter.

3, for patients with neck vertebrae joint dislocation, the manipulation is more light and accurate.

4. At the same time, pay attention to the changes of the patient's pulse and the strength of the breathing. Once the patient has an uncomfortable reaction, he should immediately stop the technique and take active measures.

5, neck spondylosis treatment methods, massage is a common method of treatment of neck spondylosis, massage can relieve local muscle spasm. Improve local blood circulation, strengthen the strength of the neck muscles, to achieve the purpose of relieving symptoms, but for neck spondylotic myelopathy and esophageal neck spondylosis, massage massage can not achieve the purpose of treatment, on the contrary, if the method is too heavy, Aggravate the original symptoms.

Conclusion: The neck massage method is very much. If you are interested, try the techniques mentioned in the small series. However, it should be noted that friends with neck spondylosis, three high populations and patients with osteoporosis should pay attention to some massage techniques and whether it is suitable for neck massage to avoid physical discomfort.

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