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The Function of Shiatsu Massage in Dubai

Shiatsu massage law originated from Japanese massage technique for many years, it. In recent years, gradually accepted by western medicine, also become a kind of unique replacement therapy. The current western pop Do - in massage, are absorbed the essence of Japanese massage developed a branch. Western medical research confirmed that the body massage can promote the secretion of endorphins, which is a body's natural sedatives, good nerves, relieving tension. This is shiatsu massage method to the mystery of the world. Shiatsu massage can be done anywhere at any time, regardless of you on the plane, still in the office. Whether morning or evening, also do not need to change clothes, only need you dancing fingers, just 10 minutes, you can recharge your body, release fatigue, relax.

Among Our Best Massage Girls in Dubai, Honey ( From Japan) can make the real Japanese Massage for you.

Dubai Massage Full Service

Acupressure massage is the best way to follow your feeling, especially to cooperate breath, generally in the exhale to stimulate acupuncture points. Inhale, muscle contraction and stiff, with even pressure acupuncture points at this moment, also is only pain, stimulate the conduction is bad. And exhale, muscles and soft, at this point, if a given stimulus, less pain and stimulate good conduction, effect is more obvious. Acupressure relaxed beauty, mainly concentrated in the face. Wash and rub hot hands first, the thumb and index finger, since central chin on both sides along the face under the press 5 to 6.Repeat this action, massage face the middle and lower part of the eye socket. Repeat the above steps several times, the last slightly on the temples you push hard on the end. By acting on some of the meridians, to relax, run smooth qi and blood, make look more beautiful. In acupressure aims to stimulate the stimulation to the body of each point of the body's own healing power. Stimulate the delete set up by the spread of toxic, silt accumulation of energy in muscle tissue.The accumulation of toxin, cause the whole body stiff. Stiffness of neuromuscular abnormal pressure, the blood and lymph vessels. In Dubai Effect on the pressure of the blood and lymphatic vessels and skeletal system and the function of internal organs.

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