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The effect of massage cream on your body.

We often need to use one called massage cream, probably a lot of people know it is not too, massage cream main role is to clean the face skin, as well as other facial blood circulation to speed up, and then speed up the metabolism of skin of the face, we should often massage on face to face skin relax, so that we can slow down the aging effect. Massage cream can also make follow-up nutrition absorption smooth skin.

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In contrast, we first introduce oil massage under this concept, essential oil massage refers to the specific configuration of essential oils massage to specify the location of the body, there is a specific massage method of cultured, we can let the body when oil massage sufficient relaxation, finally, reach the role of reduce pressure on the body. Actually massage cream principle is pretty much the same, their role is one of the main lubrication, not many nutrients, so the main principle is promoting blood circulation, facial massage once the facial blood circulation to speed up, can let the complexion is ruddy luster, so in the specific massage cream is not important how many skin to absorb enough nutrition.

Facial massage cream function mainly has three, the first thing is to relieve skin, especially for dry skin, relieve after it is not easy to cause allergies, the second is that relaxes the muscles and stimulate blood circulation to the skin cells to absorb nutrition better, the third is to promote blood circulation to speed up the body's metabolism, make the body of toxins through the skin drain out. In addition to these three points, massage cream itself also has a lot of nutrients, can achieve the best beauty to raise colour the effect.

So how to make massage cream give full play to his role, the first step is to clean the face skin, can use some cleanser to thoroughly clean the skin of facial ministry, with water to wash it again, let pore completely open. The second step is to use finger to paint some massage cream on your face, remember the massage gently and evenly daub, general massage cream can adequately nourishing facial skin, massage for 10 minutes, repeatedly so that you can achieve the best effect. The third step use bright skin water to clean the massage the facial skin, remember completely take over the toner, on the face that allows cells to absorb nutrition better.

We recommend that you use facial massage cream at night, and can be the proper matching cream to use, after use massage cream, conditional word use steam to spray face, then massage gently with the hand again, finally wash clean thoroughly, effect is good.

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