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Some Methods Of Breast Enhancement Massage In Dubai

Sexy breasts add a charming atmosphere to women, but the high incidence of breast diseases is becoming a health problem for women. Therefore, we must do a good job of breast health care in daily life, and let's learn the common sense and methods of breast health care together, and the method of Breast enhancement Massage in Dubai.

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Breast care method

1, massage the chest

Lift the breasts from the bottom up, from the inside to the outside, and massage the breasts back and forth for about 2 minutes alternately with the warmth of the hands and the appropriate strength. You can use breast beauty products or body massage oils to moisturize the breast skin and increase elasticity. Not only the lift breast massage, if you have enough time, a full body massage in Dubai will be a better choice for you!

2, massage the chest and neck

The strengthened natural bra part extends the massage to the upper part of the chest to the neck. The massage technique is still mainly upward, with massage oil or breast beauty products, massage up and down for about 2 minutes, so that the product is completely absorbed by the skin.

3, tighten muscles

A. Straighten your body, put your hands together into palms, push each other with left and right hands, stop breathing, exhale and push again, about 1 minute, it can tighten the muscles of the front chest and the inner arm, and effectively eliminate both sides of the armpit Excess fat and prevent the production of side milk.

B. Straighten the body, make an exaggerated one O shape with the mouth, do it back and forth for about 1 minute, you can find that the muscles from the jaw to the neck are tightened, which helps to tighten the skin of the front chest and lift the chest. By these massage method, we can get a more perky breast with good daily care.

Common sense of breast health care:

1. Wear a bra correctly

The bra should not be too loose or too tight. If the bra is too large, it will not support the breasts, and too small will hinder the development of the breasts. The appropriate bra size is to measure your bottom bust, that is, use a soft measuring tape along both breasts Measure around the lower edge. The bra should be changed every day in summer and at least twice a week in winter to keep the breasts clean.

2. Regular use of breast enhancement products

With the correct massage from top to bottom, from the outside to the inside, the plant essence can quickly penetrate the epidermis, promote the development of mammary glands, and increase the fat volume to plump the breasts. After 5 days of menopause, the hormones are relatively strong, and the thymus and related cells are also more active. At this time, use some breast enhancement products. The United States had put forward this theory in the 1960s, Japan and Taiwan also realized this in the 1980s, and some large domestic beauty institutions have also begun to use this technology.

3. Bathing and breast massage

Rinse the chest with a shower head while bathing. Use warm water for at least 1 minute each time to promote the development of the thymus and stimulate blood circulation in breast. This will not only keep clean, but also increase the flexibility of the breasts and prevent sagging. The body massage in Dubai will be the best method of keeping breast health.

4. Appropriate exercise

Humpback or poor posture are most likely to affect the normal development of breasts. Keep your waist and back straight against the wall, place your hands on your knees, raise your hands to a vertical position, extend your head and hands as far as possible, but keep your waist upright. Swimming frequently, doing push-ups, chest expansion exercises, lying on the bed every morning and evening, massage breasts with both hands. And on the other, the exercise and massage can also help you lose weight.


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