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Daily massage tips, give you such unexpectedly effect

Facial massage can promote the face blood loop, you can make your skin become more beautiful and young. Facial massage will also help thin face, and make the skin smooth, reduce swelling and the appearance of wrinkles. As an added bonus, good facial massage relieve pressure, make you feel calm and relaxed. Every morning or every evening before going to bed, can massage.

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Dubai Massage Full Body

Massage face to keep white to clean the skin 1. Must be clean before massage. Using a mild detergent or oil clean face, rinse with warm water, then wipe the face with a towel.

2. Apply massage oil Use massage oil can make your hands to massage your face better, too dry hand will hurt the skin. You can use for facial make oil mixture, or select one of the most suitable for your skin type of oil. Almond, o root and jojoba oil can very well as a facial massage oil, won't clog pores. For very dry skin, select the argan or almond oil. For moderate to oily skin, choice of jojoba or a mixture of jojoba and castor oil. If you don't like to use the oil on the skin, can use a moisturizing cream instead.

3. Massage your lymphatic area Many people believe that toxins from face to lymph nodes, located just below the neck on both sides of the ears. Massage the area helps release toxins, prevent them accumulated in your face.Use the tip of the finger, massage in circular motion lymphatic area for one minute. Then, from your ear down direction, toward your throat, along your jaw line. Don't fixed a point massage or massage too hard. Facial massage is different from deep tissue massage, because your face skin is more sensitive.

4, massage your face on both sides Is still a circular movement, along your massage on both sides of the jaw, until your collar-bone, continue for one minute.

5, and massage your forehead At the same time using a circular motion to massage on both sides of the forehead. Since near your forehead on both sides, moves towards the forehead middle, and then return to the sides. keep 1 minute

6, massage your eyes area Put your finger on the arch eyebrows. Around you two corners of the eyes and gently move them into your eyes, and to the inside of your fingers on your eyes. Along both sides of the nose to continue along the brow line. Repeat for a minute. Massage your eyes area helps eliminate swollen eyes. If necessary, can use massage oil, in order to prevent the fingers will be tiny skin around the eyes to eyes!

7, repeat the above action Gently massage your face of each part, till the end. When you massage is complete, you will smooth than before many skin!

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