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Burn Your Fat by a Foot massage in Dubai

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

In Dubai, losing weight is a difficult and long-lasting battle for every girl. In fact, is it really difficult to lose weight? I think, yes, it is really difficult, because many people can't lose weight no matter how they lose weight. But from another aspect, it’s very simple, because some people can lose weight casually. In fact, these are just methods. Now I will introduce a method of foot massage in Dubai to lose weight, so that you can lose weight even at home. To achieve the goal of weight loss.

Yuri is from Japan, she is specially good at body to body massage in Dubai.

Dubai Massage Body to Body
Yuri, most beautiful girl of massage in Dubai

Many girls in Dubai feel that exercise is too hard, and the methods of dieting to lose weight are difficult to adhere to. In fact, in addition to these methods, foot massage can also help you burn fat quickly to lose weight. Feeling excited? Let's act quickly. As long as you learn these correct Dubai massage methods, I believe that one month can make you lose weight.

Principle of foot massage: achieve curative effect through stimulation

Due to the special structure of the human body, all organs have nerves extending to the foot, and the peripheral nerve area is the so-called reflex area. Clinical experiments have proved that the combination of human feet is the epitome of the three-dimensional distribution of human organs and tissues. When organs or glands in the body are abnormal, the reflection area of ​​the foot will have crystal deposits and become key areas. Each key area has a different tactile response. Some are like sand, some are granular, and some are only swollen.

When stimulated, it will naturally speed up the elimination of toxins and wastes deposited around the tissues, thus achieving the effect of weight loss through massage. Not only good for losing weight, body massage in Dubai can also provide good effect on Cervical Spondylosis.

Foot massage method to lose weight 1. Knock the soles of the feet

By tapping the soles of the feet before going to bed every night, it can eliminate the fatigue of the day, promote the blood circulation of the whole body, enhance the detoxification function of the internal organs, make the excretion function of the blood vessels in the body unblocked, and accelerate the fat burning speed.

Foot massage method to lose weight 2. Shaking feet

Poor blood circulation throughout the body will lead to visceral dysfunction and endocrine imbalance, physical toxins cannot be eliminated in time, and a slow metabolism will cause fat accumulation and obesity. Simple local stimulation of the feet can promote blood circulation and speed up the metabolism.

Foot massage method to lose weight 3. Massage the toes

Massage toes not only lose weight, but also enhance memory. If you have more time and money, it is recommended that to get a full body massage in Dubai in the massage center near you, you can get a much better effect.

Foot massage method to lose weight 4. Rub your feet

Bring your feet together and rub each other to make blood circulation smooth. When your feet feel warm, you can strengthen the detoxification and cellulite removal effect in a short time.

Foot massage method to lose weight 5. Walking barefoot

The biggest advantage of this method is to give the palm an opportunity to exercise. The palm is an important part to maintain the balance of the massage. When walking, try to stimulate the palm as much as possible. You can try walking on a pebble road, or prepare a mat with rounded protrusions at home.

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