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Protect your neck by a massage in Dubai

Raised his head and to the appropriate direction around the activities of the neck gently, do not always let the cervical spine in a curved state. The work should not be a long desk for a long time, more than 2 hours of continuous bow work, it is difficult to cervical intervertebral space within the high-pressure in a short time to be effective recovery, which will accelerate the acceleration of cervical degeneration.

Cervical spondylosis is a modern city people are very common diseases, one can often do self-massage can relieve cervical pain and other issues, so what massage therapy cervical spondylosis do?

In the long bow to work and study, should be every 10 minutes on the activities of the neck, timely extension of the limbs. We know that the standard pillow height should be about 10 cm. Then the patient can use this time the height of the pillow Oh. When the pillow is too high or too low, then, for the body, in fact, are not good. And pillow core material should be soft, good flexibility is better. Teach you massage therapy with cervical spondylosis?

Teach you massage therapy with cervical spondylosis Oh. This time you can rub with both hands, and then to their own hands to heat, and then cross the two hands, and repeatedly to massage, to pinch their own cervical spine. When the intensity of massage need to moderate Oh. In fact, it can not be too violent.

This time patients are often poor because of illness and poor appetite, and even some patients side of the treatment. While eating spicy food to stimulate Oh. In fact, spicy food stimulation to stimulate the wound is not good. Then the patient can not eat fried dough sticks Oh. And do not eat bread fried.

Micro-curled fingers on both sides of the head, respectively, a little pressure from the front hairline to the head along the head to do "hair" -like action 20 to 30 times. Efficacy: refreshing eye-catching, clear brain pain.

Rehabilitation exercises can improve the patient's neck blood circulation, the release of adhesions and spastic soft tissue. No cervical spondylosis can play a preventive role. Pose: feet shoulder width apart, his arms drooping naturally, relax the body, eyes flat as, even breathing, standing can be.

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