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Ten kinds of massage technique Effectively relieve back pain

In Dubai, City female waist pain mostly because of strain of lumbar muscles. Some people engaged in the work of standing for a long time and wish to solving it by massage in Dubai, as a result of continued to stand, the waist tendons, ligaments stretch ability is abate, local can accumulate too much lactic acid, inhibit the normal metabolism of the waist, also can lead to strain of lumbar muscles and cause of back pain. Abnormal standing and sitting posture, beam waist is too tight to wait to also can cause back pain. Through the massage can relieve back pain symptoms, 10 kinds of commonly used massage technique introduces for you below.

Strain of lumbar muscles, lumbar muscle strain is a chronic disease, is also a common orthopedic diseases. Strain of lumbar muscles are mainly the waist ache break out repeatedly, overworked after aggravating, mitigation, etc as the main performance of the disease after the break. Pain can vary from climate change or the degree of fatigue, light weight, when touching not more, so experts remind in the process of daily life, it is necessary for the waist effective protection.

(thorn: long-term strain, stress, poor posture can cause (thorn, patients began to appear obvious after lower back pain, stiffness, rest a little after the activity has improved a lot but is deteriorated. Lumbar disc: long-term strain, trauma, degenerative diseases such as lumbar disc, caused by bulgin disc nucleus pulposus herniated, oppressive nerve symptoms of patients with lumbar pain.

Particularly in patients with heavy work, the waist pain symptoms worsen after a long walk.

1.Take the sitting position, his hands five fingers together, respectively on the left and right posterior lumbar, palm inward, slowly rubbing up and down, until a fever.

2. The hands clench fist, put around the waist to scroll, massage, bottom-up and top-down, repeatedly. The head can cooperate leaning back.

3.After heating, put on the center of the lumbar spine overlap, push down the rub 30 to 50 times, to the local produce hot feeling.

4.Both the waist, with palms root by the beneficiary, palm inward fast jitter 15 to 20 times up and down.

5.Take a seat, with finger click on two legs, two hands on the bilateral acupuncture point (knee), by clicking on the 1 to 2 minutes, until they are according to the ministry of acid, hemp, bilge feeling of panic.

6.His hands rested on her hips, thumb respectively according to the beneficiary, yank, and rotational rubbing, first clockwise and anticlockwise after each lap 36.

7.Two feet, stretch and sit, or bend your knees, or sitting posture. Hand, pinch, put up the waist muscle 15 to 20 times.

8. To sitting to the left hand or right hand finger tip with among the acupuncture point 1 to 2 minutes.

9.His hand clenched, his two boxers to heart, it is advisable to peck at the waist to not cause the pain, or so at the same time, the knock three times.

10. His hands rested on her hips, thumb in the former, press in the waist, on both sides of the remaining four fingers from the lumbar spine, to scratch your skin with finger pulp, from beneficiary caught the tail, his hands at the same time, the 36 times.

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