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Enjoy a Head Massage By Yourself

I do not know whether we have such experience, after staying up late, get up the next day, found in the earlobe much one or a few nodules, touch feel special ache, this time should pay attention to, this is lymph drainage clogged signal, accumulate in the body too many toxins, remind you it's time to speed up the row poison! Here to teach you a few simple and easy method of promote lymph drainage.

Main lymph node receiving note

First, let's learn about the distribution of main lymph nodes in the body! As is known to all, the lymphatic system is we the scavenger in the human body, is the main place to collect each organ of toxins, head and neck lymph nodes under the jaw of the main receive face, mouth and palatine tonsil, lymph vessels, neck lymph nodes outside receive neck lymphatic vessels, inject the axillary lymph nodes and lymphatic vessels of upper limb, lower limb lymphatic by inguinal lymph node output tube into the external iliac lymph nodes. Thus, understanding the lymph nodes in the body is received, we can according to its to promote lymph circulation, help detoxification.

Massage technique

Head facial, thumb placed in the middle of the forehead, from brow to the hair; Starting from the forehead, among with their thumb from the forehead to the direction of the temple;

The cheeks to four fingers move to the press after sinus to the ear; Forefinger, middle finger, from the chin to the side, to the ear.

Upper limb can be from the palm of your hand along the medial arm push, push to armpit and gently press the axillary;

Similarly, the lower legs can push on from leg to leg direction to the groin, then gently press the groin, repeated several times, can help detoxification and can achieve the effect of thin arms and legs, hurry to try!

This is just a simple introduce detoxification method, if want to know more comprehensive professional lymph drainage, preferably to the big hospital to listen to expert advice. However, the simplest and most effective detoxification method or drink more water, drinking eight glasses of water a day, add right amount motion, less to stay up late, body endotoxin natural row off! In addition, the man how to help a woman chest massage? Method can be reference: man how to help a woman chest massage?

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