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Enjoy a Neck Massage in Dubai

For a long time sitting in front of a computer white-collar women, neck fatigue is one of the most obvious, pain, stiffness, numbness, etc are extremely easy to produce symptoms. And neck fatigue, if not good slow, are more likely to be caused by cervical spine deformity, wear, etc., this is extremely harmful for our health. Therefore, in any case, cervical vertebra are white-collar female's should protect one of the few parts of the body. Cervical vertebra fatigue symptom obviously, computers, which is too long time can be as long as the work is clear, but we should be how to prevent and relieve the tiredness of the cervical spine?

First of all, we should start from the daily life, we all know, the tiredness of the cervical spine was due to keep the neck posture for a long time, of course it is related to the neck twisted position. Therefore, after the fatigue of the reason, we should suit the remedy to the case, fundamentally prevent cervical vertebra fatigue.

1, to pay attention to the right of head and neck posture, every day as a forward, back, left and right sides rotate 1-2 second, hold for 10 minutes.

2, keep good sleeping posture, had better use the wing type of soft pillow, in order to maintain cervical spine physiological radian forward.

3, the height of the pillow should be with 10 centimeters advisable.

4, work position at ordinary times, do not look up and not down comfortable posture. 1 hour to work long hours when the activity to the head and neck, make the neck muscle ligament get adequate rest.

5, please don't make the neck fatigue when watching TV, had better keep the same level with the eyes. These measures not only can prevent cervical spondylosis, still can prevent recurrence of the cervical spondylosis, and disease progression.

In fact, from the perspective of reality, most of the patients with cervical fatigue is sick is the work that they can't get the neck relax, what maintain good posture, or neck rest in between are sitting like way. So, for our white-collar female, we what to method can effectively thought to relax our neck? In fact this is also very simple, you can also be found that whenever our cervical vertebra is very tired, we will unconsciously by hand pinching our neck, it will make our neck comfortable many, this is where we make cervical massage - that is, the best way to relax.

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