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Say Goodbye to Shoulder Knot By Massage - Dubai Massage

In Dubai, sitting at a desk, lifting heavy things or improper posture can cause a tightening of the shoulder muscles. The trapezius muscles that run from your neck down your shoulders and across your upper back can atrophy after years of seated office work, causing muscles to seize up when they are overworked. Tight shoulders pull the bones they're attached to and other muscles out of their normal position, which causes them to spasm and form a knot. For instance, tight shoulders may be caused by over tight chest muscles that are pulling your shoulders forward.

To appropriately treat shoulder knots, you must stretch the muscles to put your bones in the correct position. That done, you can massage the knot itself and get relief. This article explains how to work out any shoulder knot.

Step 1 of 3: Stretch your shoulders

1 Do some shoulder circles to warm up your chest and shoulder muscles. Swing your arms back and forth, moving the muscles around for three to five minutes.

2 Find an open doorway. Stand with your right shoulder touching the right hand side of the doorway.

3 Take two steps straight away from the doorway. Tall people or people with long arms should take an extra step forward.

4 Stand up straight, with your shoulders back and your neck straight.

5 Reach your right arm back, and grasp the inside edge of the door frame with your fingers. Keep your arm straight at shoulder level.

6 Turn your body to the left until you feel a pull in your right chest muscles. Hold for 15 to 30 seconds, and then release the stretch.

7 Repeat the shoulder stretch with your left arm on the opposite side of the door frame. Repeat once more on each side if your chest muscles were very tight.

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Say Goodbye to Shoulder Knot By Massage - Dubai Massage

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