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Teach You Prenatal Massage Techniques (2) - Massage in Dubai

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5. Adjust to lighter strokes during your massage. Prenatal techniques will involve less pressure than a Swedish massage or a deep tissue massage or any type of massage you might get when you are not pregnant.

6. Watch the amount of pressure applied to your legs. The amount of blood a pregnant body produces is much higher, and the level of anticoagulants in the blood is also increased while the body prepares for labor and delivery.

Avoid the calves and inner thighs. When you are pregnant, your risk of blood clots increases and strong massaging of your lower legs and inner thighs could dislodge a clot.

Make sure all leg strokes move towards the heart. This prenatal technique will keep your circulation healthy and your risks low.

7. Keep the abdomen off limits. Most massage therapists will not touch the belly at all. If you do want your massage to include your stomach, the technique should be nothing more than light fingertips on the skin with no pressure.


Talk to your prenatal caregiver prior to having a massage. Your doctor or midwife might have recommendations on how to benefit from a prenatal massage, and could also offer a referral.

Ask your spouse or partner for a gentle neck or back massage while you are pregnant. Not only will this help you to feel more relaxed, it will also maintain some intimacy that might be missing in your relationship during pregnancy.

Discuss risks with your doctor. If you are a high risk pregnancy, you have preeclampsia or pregnancy induced hypertension, you may not be a candidate for massage, even when prenatal techniques are used.

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Teach You Prenatal Massage Techniques (2) - Massage in Dubai

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