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Enjoy a Pedicure with Feet Massage - Dubai Massage

In Dubai, a city which is full of pressure and money, not all of us have the time or money to get a pedicure. Got tired and sore feet? We can cure that! Read this article to learn how!

(1) Get lotion for your feet. Put the lotion evenly on your feet. Don't let your feet touch the floor! They will get all nasty if you do. Try not to let the lotion drip on your floor either. You won't be able to concentrate on your feet, just your floor.

(2) rasp your foot and press your thumbs into your foot. Start rubbing your thumbs in a small circular motion.

(3) Make your thumb motions larger, spreading all over your foot. Start rubbing the lotion into your heels.

(4) Put some lotion on your legs. Rest your fingertips on your shins so your thumbs are on the back of your legs. just press a little and move your hand up and down your legs. (one at a time duh).

(5) If you have a heating pad put socks on your feet and rest them on the heating pad. This helps the lotion sink into your feet. Keep the cords away from water or you risk electrocution.


Ask your physician if you have bad circulation, diabetes or anything like that before using a heating pad.

Be careful and keep all cords away from water.

You could also burn yourself on the heating pad.

You could also mess up your muscles if you leave them on the heating pad for too long.

You could mess up your muscles if you massage too hard.

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Enjoy a Pedicure with Feet Massage - Dubai Massage

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