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Give You a Tween Massage Day - Dubai Massage Body to Body Massage

In the hot Dubai day, in the humidity Dubai night. Want to look great for that special day in Dubai? Want a way to relax in daily life? Now something special is for you!


(1) Gather supplies. You won't need all of the supplies, so you may want to get them later.

(2) Find a relaxing place. Somewhere like your bathroom works well. You might want some scents and sights. Remember not to get anything too distracting.

(3) Take a bath or shower. Air dry afterwards and apply lotion. Now is also a good time to put on a robe, slippers, and put up your hair.

(4) Make or use a scrub. To make one, mix baking soda and water until you have a paste. Then apply in small circles. Wait five minutes before washing off.

(5) Make a mask. Use honey-oatmeal, puree cucumbers, or yogurt-oatmeal. Apply, then wait 10 minutes before washing off.

(6) Apply an icy washcloth to your face and remove any little missed bits. Check hairline, eyes, mouth, nose, etc.

(7) Fill a bowl with the olive oil. Dip hands in and hold for 3 minutes.

(8) Take the warm milk and lemon juice and mix together. Soak fingers for 5 minutes.

(9) Clip finger nails. Don't go past the white and be sure to cut straight across.

(10) Paint nails, if wanted. Use warm colors for Summer, pastels for Spring, blues in Winter, and Reds in Fall.

(11) Scrub feet with cloth. Use soap or lotion, if wanted.

(12) Clip toe nails.

(13) Paint toe nails.

(14) Enjoy your new glow!

(15) Yogurt is also good for your face and skin


Try scrubbing your lips with some sugar. It will get rid of dead skin and leave your lips looking great!

Finish off any look with a little lip gloss, make up, or accessories. Just don't put on a lot.

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