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Make a Good Neck Massage

Do you want to give a friend a relaxing neck massage? Is your neck crooked or stuck? Read this, and have your problems fade away!

1 First, have the person sit up comfortably on a chair. Make sure that the person's head is straight up.

2 Next, have the person take off shirt to ensure you can reach all parts of the neck. If person feels uncomfortable without a shirt, have them wear a towel over their upper body and be sure it doesn't cover the neck.

3 To begin, stretch your thumb out and gently push the neck skin forward several times. Have the person always aware of what your doing.

4 Next, fold your hands in a 'C' shape and put them on the neck. Gently push and pull the skin several times. Watch out for any neck bones!

5 Now, very, very, carefully, pull the person's neck back and forth quickly to loosen any cramps.

Make a Good Neck Massage

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